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May. 2nd, 2010

Winter is here-ish, the night is colder now which means arwen can be of use XD

My wisdoms are giving me lots of shit right now.. dentist tomoro... oh joy...

If i don't survive.. koco can have my cat..

Lost and insecure...

I have been plagued by weird dreams these nights.. from getting married to getting a really really short hair cut (which turned out pretty well by the way).. and then the fray..
I'm upset cause work is being a bitch.

I'm upset because I injured myself at work, cause it hurts.

I'm upset because my hand is always tired and sore.

I'm upset because my car's window got smashed by some raving lunatic who should really go die.


I'm upset cause people around me are expecting too much.


Jan. 31st, 2010

everytime i hear this song... i think of lockon <_<"

Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
sora akaku someru kokutan no yami
nomikomareta hoshikuzu-tachi
hakanaku furitsumoru hai no yuki
The sky is dyed red by the ebony darkness,
And the distant stardust swallowed up,
In this transient moment as the snowing ashes fall.
mitsumeta nageki no mado
I never dreamed
there... I come for you
I watched it through the window of grief.
I never dreamed
I stand frozen.
there... I come for you.
omoi wa sekibaku no yozora ni
maiagari kudaketa
kono sekai ga katachi wo kaeru tabi ni
mamoritai mono wo
kowashite shimatteitan da
My hopes are alone in the desolate night sky,
They soared high until they were crushed.
Each time the world changes shape,
The things I want to protect,
I end up breaking them.
kokoro ni hishimeku haitoku no yami
kimi no koe ga masui no youni
tsumetaku kankaku wo ubatteku
Oh, the sinful darkness tugging at my heartstrings,
Your voice is like anaesthesia,
Coldly, it robs me of my senses.
mujun wo oikakete mo
naze boku wa tatakau no?
No matter how we pursue our differences,
It never ends.
Why do I have to fight?
tatoeba hikari ga kieusete
kono hoshi ga ochite mo
wasurenai yo
sono chiisana negai ga
aru beki basho eto michibiku
Even if the light is extinguished,
Even if this earth disintegrates,
I won't ever forget:
That tiny wish,
It will guide us to our ideal place.
there I come for you yeah
Ash Like Snow
is falling down from your sky
Ash Like Snow
Let me hear...
why I have to fight?
there I come for you yeah
Ash Like Snow
is falling down from your sky
Ash Like Snow
Let me hear...
why I have to fight?
kono omoi wa sekibaku no yozora ni
maiagari kudaketa
yami wo hiraku eikou to hikikae ni
mamoru beki mono wo ushinatte kita
(It's falling from your sky)
(Baby I come for you)
My hopes are alone in the desolate night sky,
They soared high until they were crushed.
In exchange for glory that triumphs over darkness,
I have given up many things I sought to protect.
(It's falling from your sky)
This is too futile.
(Baby I come for you)
kudakechitta kakera ni kizutsuku tabi
tozasareta boku no kokoro wa
tsuyoku naru koto wo erande
koko made kitan da
Every time the scattered broken pieces cut me,
Deep down in my closed heart,
I choose to grow stronger.
And I came this far.

Jan. 29th, 2010

I have acquired a really strange fascination over Tieria Erde (beware of spoilers for those who have not seen).... I dont know why lol... episode 8 of second season is extremely eyebrow raising though... hurhur

This really has to stop XD
Finally its starting to begin.. the stress is on... lol two more weeks ROFLMAO

shite, i really hope i survive this...
I think some ppl should just get over themselves, you suck at organizing, you suck at listening and most of all, you suck at your job..

Last time i checked 5 mins late is not the end of the world.... and you should be a bit more professional, yelling when everyone is around..

Ho shit... i think ive been gaining weight instead of losing lol so much for 'slimming' down XD... i like eating too much..

Gundam 00 is <3

Arwen's new best friend. Salmonella Typhi <3 XD

She was nooogling it just before, tis cute XD


Dec. 8th, 2009

My life sucks.... i fail at EVERYTHING... I have no words atm... *sigh*




What to do... what to do.... i dont know anymore...
On thursday it was my bday...lol... and i had work..

Darling bronwyn got mes a baby gateau 8D it was tres awesome!! I thought it was important enough to post in here!

i love chu bronzie <3 XD it tasted really berrie-ish